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Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo Miss Universe

What potential donors should know

To the public, she's known as Miss Universe. To her friends and family, she is known as a cellist nerd.

Olivia loves exercising and all things fashion.

Her favorite color is Green.

When asked what animal she would be she said “A German Shepherd” (which coincidentally are excellent guard dogs!)

Her ideal evening is going to see a movie at the Zeigfeld Theater and grabbing some frozen yogurt.

What is she looking for in a Date for the Cure? "Someone who makes me laugh."


Allyn Rose

Nana Meriwether Miss USA

What potential donors should know

Nana was a 2 Time NCAA All American Volleyball Player at UCLA. (Probably a good idea to practice your bump/set/spike!)

Her favorite hobby is "Eating red velvet cupcakes".

Her favorite color is Pink.

When asked what animals she would be: “A dachshund better know as a weiner dog because it is an animal totally opposite from me. They have really long torsos and short legs, I have really long legs and a short torso.”

What is she looking for in a Date for the Cure? “I do enjoy confidence in a man and I am looking for someone who will be President of the United States one day. “ (so if you’re not in politics yet, get going!)


Alyssa Campanella

Alyssa Campanella Miss USA 2011

What potential dates should know

Alyssa cooks, Tweets & Instagrams… a lot. So watch what you say and what you do, It may wind up on the internet!

What is her favorite color? The two cars I have owned have been red and my hair is I think I like red? Yes. We think that's a valid assumption.

When asked what animal she would be:“A chicken on the Hawaiian island Kauai because there would be no natural predators to eat me. Oh wait… humans…”

What is she looking for in a Date for the Cure? “I’m almost 5’9” and 90% of my shoe closet is of heels so hopefully someone tall!”


Allyn Rose

Allyn Rose Miss District of Columbia

What potential dates should know

Her roller-skating and moonwalk skills are probably better than yours. So practice!

In her spare time she enjoys Rapping, performing elaborate yo-yo tricks and making balloon animals. (an epic combination in our opinion)

Allyn's idea of a perfect date is a romantic dinner for two with intimate conversation…. at Buffallo Wild Wings.

What is she looking for in a Date for the Cure? Someone witty and wise, worldly and wry, whimsical and willin'... and picks up the check.


Mabelynn Capeluj

Mabelynn Capeluj Miss California USA

What potential dates should know

She loves jet-skiing, rock-climbing, photography, and tweeting. 

If she could be any animal, she said she would be a cat, because she loves cats. We think this is a good thing, because it would be sad if she wanted to be something she didn't love, like a three-toed sloth. Nobody ever wants to be a three-toed sloth.

Her ideal evening simply involves interacting with friends and making people laugh, and she loves when someone can make her laugh. 

She told us she's really excited to help raise money for Susan G. Komen and to experience something new. 


Kristen Dalton

Kristen Dalton Miss USA 2009

What potential dates should know

Her favorite color is Sky Blue. Which gets confusing in LA, because more often we get Sky Yellow and Sky Brown.

Her ideal evening is "good wine and tapas, then salsa dancing, and finally winding down by walking under the beach under the moonlight." Wine at the event? Check. Salsa Dancing? Check. How far is the closest beach...

Her idea about a perfect Date for the Cure? "Someone who is funny and there just to have a good time!"


Chelsea Cooley

Chelsea Cooley Miss USA 2005

What potential dates should know

When asked about her favorite color, this North Carolina native replied "I bleed Tarheel blue baby!" We assume doctors have trouble matching her blood type.

If she could be any animal she shared that she would be a lion, because she wants to rule the jungle!

A perfect evening to her involves being "curled up on the couch watching an action-hero movie with a killer glass of La Crema Chardonnay." We would have pegged her as more of a romantic comedy type girl. 

She likes to have fun, so her date better be ready to laugh hard and loud and roll with the punches! Metaphorically, of course! We think. We hope. (Maybe you should bring your own gloves, just in case.)